Success: Thank God!

My recipient is doing well, I am doing well, and so are the other donors and recipients who participated through an NKR kidney chain in four transplants yesterday!  Mary Beth and I have just returned home, minus my left kidney, after spending less than 36 hours at the hospital.  That is how quickly it can happen due to medical progress in recent years.

“That looks a lot like work!” is my wife’s response to seeing me write this blog post.  I know, I know.  I need to cut this one short and resume my rest and recovery, now here at home.  But I look forward to writing more over the coming days about this awesome adventure.

About Ray Mueller

Husband, father, Christian, pro-life, kidney donor, video producer & editor
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1 Response to Success: Thank God!

  1. Martha Doty Harwell says:

    God bless you, Ray and kudos to you and your family for your donation as you helped someone, and their family, have LIFE. It is an immeasureable gift, one that is most precious. Prayers and best healing to you in your recovery.


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